Table Mountain Wine Safari

Table Mountain abounds with ancient history and is rich in folklore from the earliest inhabitants who once roamed the wilds of the Cape, living off the abundance of the land.

It is also the setting for a unique wine tasting experience and mountain safari presented by Durbanville Hills.

Travel along scenic tracks hitherto closed to the public, where every corner reveals views that showcase the natural splendour that is Cape Town. The city bustles below and the vast Atlantic Ocean, surrounding Robben Island in the distance, washes up on endless white beaches and melds into pale blue skies.

The trail leads into a beautiful forest of ancient oak and cork trees that eventually expose steep mountain cliffs of sandstone dating back millions of years.

At the highest point of the mountain safari, Table Bay, False Bay, the Durbanville Hills and the dramatic Hottentots Holland mountain range are all clearly visible from this vantage point.

This is our wine tasting destination in the company of historic cannons which hundreds of years ago were used as an early warning to signal ships approaching the Cape of Good Hope.

It is here that guests relax and enjoy never-ending views accompanied by a selection of superlative Durbanville Hills wine and tasty nibbles.