Our Cellar

The Durbanville Hills winery was designed and built with only one objective in mind: to make top-quality wine from top-quality grapes. White varietals are cooled quickly to release only the beneficial aromas from the skins into the juice, producing wines with consistent, as well as longer, flavour retention.


Our cellar is an ultramodern facility that can compare with the world’s best. The fermentation cellar, housing 247 stainless steel tanks of varying capacity and the spacious maturation cellar is cut into the hillside to soften the visual effect of the winery on the landscape. The smaller fermentation tanks allow batches from the different vineyards to be vinified separately.


We use only the most modern and technologically advanced cellar equipment to handle a maximum capacity of 8 000 tons of our hand-harvested grapes. This is achieved through:

  • Two mobile and two static presses ensure that wine is handled as little as possible and is pumped over shorter distances. This retains the beneficial tannins.
  • The destemmer, crusher and pump in the receiving area are all of the most modern design with variable speeds to treat each cultivar differently. A control platform provides a good view of all reception and pressing activities.
  • Barrel fermentation facilities have been constructed underground for constant temperature and humidity control.