News and Events: Durbanville Hills Achieves Big Five Status at Veritas

Durbanville Hills’ cool climate wines enjoyed centre stage at this years’ Veritas Wine Awards, taking home no less than five double gold medals – the highest honour of this longstanding competition which saw 1,285 entries judged by 64 wine connoisseurs this year.

Not shy to double gold awards, Durbanville Hills excelled with a record number of double gold awards at the most prestigious competition for wine and brandy excellence.

Cellar Master Martin Moore says it’s enormously satisfying to see double gold medals awarded to wines across their various ranges, including much older vintages and the recently released 10-year-old brandy.

“At Durbanville Hills, winemaking is a continuous journey of innovation, hard-work, exceptional quality, and camaraderie. Our close proximately to the ocean, 10km to be exact, is one of nature’s true blessings.”

“The vines thrive in the cool climate location where the swirling mists and sea breezes cool the vineyards on hot summer afternoons. This together with the endless variety of hills and slopes, allow the grapes to develop leisurely and optimally. The result is a range of wines with intense fruit flavours, finessed structure and complexity that truly reflect the unique terroir of the valley.”

Martin said that although many wines are produced for early enjoyment, a number of their ranges have continued to shine years after bottling. “There is a remarkably gracefulness to well-aged wines. Their structure, infinite balance between tannin structure and acidity and concentrated flavours, lead to a longevity far beyond their vintage and a nostalgic taste of years gone by.”

The double gold medal winners are:

  • Durbanville Hills Blanc de Blancs Cap Classique 2017
  • Durbanville Hills 10-Year-Old Merlot Potstill Brandy
  • Durbanville Hills The Tangram White Blend 2016
  • Durbanville Hills Caapmans Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2006
  • Durbanville Hills Rhinofields Noble Late Harvest 2014

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