June 18, 2021 In Celebration of our (other) National Grape

We have many national symbols – the King protea, springboks (both the mammal and the ruby team!), Galjoen and the Blue Crane bird.

And then there is the undisputable national grape – Pinotage, the uniquely South African grape varietal which was an experimental (and enormously successful) cross between Pinot Noir and Hermitage (Cinsaut) grapes by Prof Abraham Izak in 1925.

On the other hand, Chenin Blanc, a versatile grape varietal widely planted around the world, celebrates being the most planted in South Africa – over 17 000 hectares of Chenin-awesomeness! That could possibly deserve a spot for Chenin Blanc to be our other national grape varietal.

Chenin Blanc is nimble and can, admirably so, acclimatise to a variety of conditions, skilfully expressing a specific terroir. In the cool climate location of Durbanville Hills, Chenin Blanc is a joy varietal to work with. The unique location enables the crafting of magnificent Chenin Blanc, collecting awards with each vintage and igniting the winemaking team’s love-affair with this versatile varietal.

Chenin Blanc is a varietal that holds its acidity well and is an adaptable grape which makes it attractive for innovation. The Durbanville area’s variety of slopes and hills allowed us to plant the Chenin Blanc vines at the perfect location where the cooling sea breezes and ample sunshine create a dynamic combination for a crisp, aromatic wine.

Join the world on 18 June as Chenin Blanc is celebrated #DrinkChenin day. The occasion can be simple or as lavish as you wish! We have two incredibly zesty Chenin Blancs for you to try.

The Durbanville Hills Chenin Blanc 2021 is light olive green in colour with inviting guava, pineapple, lime, ripe pears and yellow peach aromas on the nose. Concentrated tropical and citrus delivers a full-rounded taste with the sweet fruit perfectly balanced with a fresh acidity.

Visually depicting the Company’s Garden in Cape Town, the Durbanville Hills Collector’s Reserve Chenin Blanc 2020, is a full-bodied, concentrated wine. Dazzling light straw with green edges in colour, the uplifting aromas of yellow peaches, nectarines, gooseberries, almonds, lime, grapefruit and wood spice, is delightful. Cinnamon spice, peaches and apricots leads to a lingering sweet finish.

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