Merlot Rhinofields

wine photo

The unique character of this wine lies in the influence of the different vineyards from which the grapes were sourced. The grapes were selected from two distinctly different vineyards – one on a sunny, north-facing hill, chosen for the prominent varietal aromas of the grapes, and the other on a cool, south-facing slope, chosen for the sound structure the grapes would impart to the wine.


Ripe dark fruit supported by aromas of cherry and aniseed with hints of mint and sweet tobacco.


This medium to full-bodied wine shows ripe dark fruit on the midpalate with hints of truffle followed by lingering oak spices.

Notes from the Winemakers

Hand harvested during March between 25° and 26° Balling, the grapes from these two vineyards were vinified separately. After 24 hours of cold soaking, the must was fermented on the skins (between 26°C and 28°C) in closed, specially designed auto fermenters (until dry). During this period the maximum fruit, colour and tannin extraction from the skins was made possible through very soft, continuous timer-regulated pump-over cycles. To soften the texture, the wine was left on the skins for one week after the fermentation period. Controlled malolactic fermentation took place in tank after which the wine was matured for 14 months in small oak using new French oak barrels.

Food Pairings

Serve with grilled tuna, salmon, baby chickens stuffed with prunes and ground pork and ragout of lamb with black olives and fresh thyme.