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Rhinofields Noble Late Harvest - Durbanville Hills

Cellar Door Exclusives/Rhinofields Rhinofields Noble Late Harvest

wine photo

The Sauvignon Blanc grapes were sourced from one of the highest Sauvignon Blanc vineyard blocks in the valley, surrounded by indigenous Cape fynbos. This south-facing slope offers a natural protection against late afternoon sun, producing healthy grapes and the gradual ripening of the fruit, resulting in an abundance of flavour. The deep, well drained red soils allowed for good water retention and sustained the vines during the extended ripening period. At the end of the harvest regular cool mist bathed the slopes creating the perfect climate for the making of a noble late harvest while still preserving the varietal character of the grapes. This unique combination of climate, soil, altitude and slope orientation captured the true varietal character for this wine.

Nose Notes

Tasting Notes

Food Pairings

Enjoy on its own, chilled, or served with lemon or tropical fruit desserts, dried apples, pears and prunes with honey, vanilla and cream as well as Crème Brulee.