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Rhinofields Sauvignon Blanc - Durbanville Hills

Rhinofields Sauvignon Blanc

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The grapes were sourced from Bloemendal and Morgenster farms where the vineyards are all trellised to ensure perfect bunch positioning protecting the fruit from direct sunlight. The soft, radiated heat allowed for the gradual ripening of the fruit resulting in an abundance of flavour. The winter preceding the 2014 vintage was wet and cold and the crucial flavour producing ripening period for Sauvignon Blanc grapes was cool and dry resulting in very healthy grapes with small berries with concentrated flavour. The Sauvignon Blanc varietal character of the grapes, especially from the higher slopes, was very strong, producing wines with an abundance of tropical fruit characters. The grapes were picked from mid to end February at between 21.5° and 23° Balling.

Nose Notes

Tasting Notes

Food Pairings

Serve on its own slightly chilled or with smoked haddock, tempura-battered prawns, stir-fried calamari, asparagus quiche, ratatouille and Thai noodle salads.