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Rhinofields Shiraz - Durbanville Hills

Rhinofields Shiraz

wine photo

The unique character of this wine lies in the influence of the different vineyards from which the grapes were sourced. The grapes were harvested from two low-yielding vineyards in deep, dark red soils at around 250 meters above sea-level, planted in 1985 and 1990 respectively. All vineyard practices were performed in compliance with the South African IPW standards. Meticulous canopy management ensured optimum sunlight penetration and temperature control prior to flowering until the completion of veraison. The grapes were hand-picked to ensure vineyard selection between 24° and 25° Balling.

Nose Notes

Tasting Notes

Food Pairings

Enjoy with hearty dishes such as roast venison with berry and chocolate- chilli sauce, Moroccan lamb, Oxtail or beef Bourguignon, Pecorino or Parmesan