The Tangram The Tangram White Blend

wine photo

Tangram is a Chinese geometrical seven-piece puzzle which can be arranged to make various forms and pictures to tell a story. To master the Tangram, one has to look at the whole puzzle to understand and form the myriad of images to be shaped. In the end, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. At Durbanville Hills we believe that wine is an ever-expanding discovery to be shared. And as with a Tangram, our latest release white blend too has its own story to tell. The various elements unique to our cellar, landscape and winemakers, have all woven together to craft this exclusive Bordeaux-style blend.

Nose Notes

Aromas of fresh lemon, citrus rind, flowers, lime, grapefruit and minerality.

Tasting Notes

Rich full concentrated wine with flavours of citrus, spice, grapefruit with a nutty and lemon wax finish.


The winemakers selected new French oak with a tight grain to allow for slow extraction of flavours from the wood. Each varietal was matured separately for two years after which only the best barrels of each was identified for the final blend. The winemakers spent three days creating over 100 blends, each time making the only slightest change in the composition of the blends. Their aim was to find that precise moment when the greatness of each individual component would harmonious blend together. The wine was left to mature for a further year in the bottle.